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We believe that when people have money power, they can handle food, education, and health needs themselves. The Rural Help Project eradicates poverty and hunger by working with partners around the world to promote policies and expand access to child education, training for jobs, health promotion, business startups empowerment.


Health promotion




Skill Building for self employment

Impact Stories

Glory’s Been A Migrant Sex Worker Since She Was Just 14

My parents did not send me to school due to poverty. They had to chose a husband for me at age 12. I could not bear this abuse. Every evening i accompanied Chantel to a nearby  night club. We could dance, eat and play with boys. I started developing interest in her job as a prostitute. At age 14, one travel agent issued me a  free visa to travel out of Cameroon for a sex job. I was  tested HIV positive at age 15. I was repatriated to my country of origin. In search for treatment while in Cameroon, i got in touch with The Rural Help Project that build skills and offers Health Care services… I am now  an Entrepreneur living with HIV/AIDS  thanks to The Rural Help Project…

A Brighter Future — For Cameroonian youths

As a secondary school student, my boyfriend usually takes me out during break for a snack and smoking party. I became addicted to smoking marijuana. I had to go late home because the odor  of marijuana must expire on me so as to enable my parents not to notice my smoking attitude. One day, my mother discovered a change in my behavior, she had to interview me and later discovered i had a mental disorder.  She became strict on my frequent late coming after school. I could not bear her strategy. I decided to join the street girls who drink and smoke like me. My mental problem became worse until i had to be picking papers on the road and eating from trash cans. The local Government Council arrested  me and took me to a psychiatrics center. While in the center, counselors from the Rural Help Project visited us for lectures once a week in rehabilitation groups made of mental health patients. Today, i am well, no longer smoking  and now living with my parents. I am under the mentorship of The Rural Help Project as i pursue my under graduate program in the university.

Meet Our Leadership

Local communities, Individuals and partners are integrated in decision making. The idea of everyone counts. What a Man can do, a woman can do it better 

Mr. Atong Isaiah Agu


Mrs. Comfort Njoka

Field Supervisor

Br.Angoh Jacob Angoh

Legal Advicer

Mrs. Ntah Henrietta


HN. Abi Francis

chairperson, Board of Directors

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