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What is ''The Rural Help Project''?

The RURAL HELP PROJECT (RHP) is a Non Governmental, Non profit Organization which was founded in 2010 at Widikum, Northwest Region of Cameroon. The main goal of the organization is to fight poverty and hunger

why we exist

Cameroon has a long internal migration history, with one of the highest rate of internal migration in central Africa. The country’s intranational mobility index was estimated at 32.5% with 90% of the migrants being below the age of 35. The displacement trend in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon has been on the rise. The precarious situation has left the local population in desperate need of assistance in terms of protection, jobs, health, shelter and food. 

Ninety percent of villages in WIDIKUM Sub Division lack pipe bone water supply. The people still fetch water from streams or springs.

In Cameroon, the gap between the rich and the poor is too large. High level of dependency for survival.

From 2014 to date 20000 African migrants and refugees have died in attempting to enter Europe, America and Asia.


We believe that when people have money power, they can handle food, education and health needs themselves. The rural help project works with partners around the world to promote policies and expand access to poverty reduction services such as:

Learn by doing, mentorship, provision of seed capital for business startups

Empowering women and children against risky sexual activities, child marriage, and sexual violence. Strengthening actions against Covid-19.

Early detection and treatment of diseases.

Workshops, Seminars, classroom theory and practical training,  career counseling, Research mentorship.

Monthly donations for school fees, food, school bags, books, clothes, shoes. psychological support to the children. 

Water supply, water treatment, water conservation, Cleanup campaigns

The Founder

Atong Isaiah Agu

From Nowhere to Somewhere.

I grew up in a typical rural area where farming is the main source of income. my father never worked for anybody but he succeeded to sponsor all his eight(8) children to the university level. He is a typical farmer and a Christian in the Presbyterian church in Cameroon. He is generous in the church and the society. He always told me to work hard for my success. The church through their poor and needy scholarship scheme  offered to me a scholarship while in the University of Buea, Cameroon. 

The successes of my father as a farmer, made me to realize that,  land is a gold mine. And the scholarship offer from the Presbyterian church in Cameroon inspired me to be an agent for poverty reduction through the promotion of self reliant income generating projects, the enhancement of   humanitarian organizations like The Rural Help Project, Cameroon.


To stop illegal migration of youths by empowering rural community development.

We ensure capacity building in entrepreneurship against poverty and hunger.

The youths develop skills that permit them to say no to illegal migration and become millionaires in their country of origin.


Business minds against poverty. We make life better for rural settlement by inducing into the minds of all rural community dwellers the ideal of using local resources for money searching against poverty.

Rural communities were people no longer depend on the government for employment.

No more illegal migration to Europe, America and Asia.

 By the year 2050 at least 80% of Cameroonians should be able to afford three square meals in a day. Malnutrition no more.


our patners

Partnering to build a world where all children and youth are proud to say no to illegal migration; stay in their country of origin and become millionaires.


Manager without borders – Germany

website: https://managerohnegrenzen.de/
0049 711 2362390


Ministry of Public Health, Yaoundé
Phone       +237 2222 19 065


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