Child’s Education

Anduga is a 9-year-old class 4 pupil.
She is a native of EKA village in
Widikum-Menka sub Division of
Anduga is an internally displaced(IDP)
child due to the civil war in the
anglophone Regions of Cameroon.
In 2017, their family house was burnt
to ashes in the struggle.
In 2018, they left for Douala to be living
with her aunt for refuge and
sponsorship. The financial situation of
the aunt could not permit her to
sponsor them and her own children.
Anduga and her 3 siblings stayed for 2
years without going to school.
In the academic year 2020/2021, her
parents struggled to raise 50,000frs for
them to be registered in school again.
Anduga and siblings strain a lot to get
food, clothes, shoes, uniform, books,
and school bag.
Her academic progress report card for
last term was withheld because she
still owes school fees.
Anduga is ambitious to work hard in
school to become a future journalist.
The monthly donation will help put a
smile on her face as she pursue
education for this future job.

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