Child's Education


Child’s Education

BECKEMA is a 7-year-old class 2 pupil.

He is a native of EKA vilage in Widikum-Menka sub
Division of Cameroon.
BECKEMA is an internally displaced(IDP)
child due to the civil war in the anglophone
Regions of Cameroon.
The mother of BECKEMA is Mentally
deranged due to the effects of long standing
epilepsy .She has been suffering from
epilepsy for over 20 years.She has two
children out of wed luck including BECKEMA.
BECKEMA started school in his native village
In 2017, the civil war that let to the closure of
schools in the North West Region of
Cameroon affected BECKEMA as he could
not go to school for three years.
In 2021, he left for Douala to be living with his
uncle for refuge and sponsorship. The
financial situation of the uncle could not
permit him to spornsor BECKEMA .
BECKEMA,s age and class mates are already
in class 4. BECKEMA has a younger brother in
the village who is not also going to school.
BECKEMA strain a lot to get food, clothes,
shoes, uniform, books, and school bag.
The uncle managed to register him for the
2021/2022 academic year but could not pay
the tuision fee. BECKEMA was driven for fees
on 13/10/2021. Currently,he is at home.
BECKEMA is ambitious to work hard in school
to become a future hotel and restaurant
services specialist. The monthly donation will
help put a smile on his face as he pursues
education for this future job.

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