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mr. ATONG isaiah agu


Uneasy lies the head that carries the crown

I am a graduate from the university of Buea with a master’s degree in medico-surgical nursing. I have a passion for entrepreneurship.

In most organizations, being a manager means a better compensation package and not having to sit in a cubicle .This is not the case at the RHP.

Dealing with employee performance problems with limited resources has been and always will be the primary source of sleepless nights.

mrs. Ntah Henrietta


Jobs by orphans against Juvenile Delinquency

I am a graduate from the university of Yaoundé 1. 

I teach economics to secondary school students.

I am an orphan- no father, no mother.

I have come to realize that being without parents is not the end of life. Everybody in society was created for a purpose and with insight talents. 

My stay at the RHP has made me to realize that our individual and collective support to the underprivileged can motivate them develop talents for self reliant employment with resultant impact to reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency.

HN. Abi Francis

chair person, Board of Directors

Join effort for development

I am an ex-member of the Cameroonian parliament and a private business manager.

The path out of poverty begins when the next generation develops potentials to use resources around them to create jobs for themselves.

By giving people the tools for autonomous and sustainable self reliant job creation; we can help them lift themselves out of poverty.

mrs. comfort Njoka

feild supervisor

My tomorrow must be better than today

I am a graduate from the university of Douala with skills in business management.

People may have good products and initiatives but no way to reach the buyers. The road from the village to the RHP farm is a foot path.

We have to carry goods on our heads through the 5km distance.

My dream is to make this road motorable for easy transportation of our products.

BR.Angoh jacob angoh

Legal Adviser and Member

The voice of the voiceless


I am a lawyer specialized in business law and intellectual property. I studied in the Abuja law school, Nigeria.

I am the founder and managing director of the Legal Power Law Firm, Douala.

 I was motivated to become a member of the RHP to assist the vulnerable poor and needy, the handicap, street children, those in detention who do not have the privilege to have a lawyer,  I provide them legal aid and widows whose rights are often abused by the members of the deceased’s family.

I also assist through the Rural Help training center to train orphans and street children in various trades like computer knowledge which is very rare in Cameroon. As for the illiterates and undereducated, I send them to RHP farm to acquire agricultural skills and be self-employed.

It is my earnest desire that despite the limited resources, I should assist as much as possible as the need arises.


Mrs. Uschi Hummel

management consultant

Legal Migration and Education for all.

Mrs. Uschi Hummel is a member of our German partner Managers without Borders.

Lecturer and international relations coordinator at Heidelberg Hotel Management School, the leading German business school for young tourism professionals.

Founder and director of Jobsforyourfuture. The NGO’s helps refugees and migrants to integrate into the German job market and supports educational and job creating projects in South and West Africa.

Uschi’s vision is to contribute to legal migration from Africa to Europe, her motto is: “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” (Nelson Mandela)



 Valuing Your Time and Technology

I am a lively and friendly Electrical Practitioner who loves working with people of all ages.
Hardworking Electrician specialized in Electricity, Automatism and maintenance , as well
facility and production maintenance.
Electrically committed to sharpening technical skills and staying current with new advances in
Talented electrician adept at tracking complex electrical issues with accuracy.
Specializing in electrical installation for domestic, commercial and industrial projects and solar
Dedicated electrical installation technician bringing 4 years of positive academic performance,
remains updated on technological advances and industry trends, strong knowledge of electrical
maintenance with proficiency in skill.
Dedicated-oriented electrical engineer skilled at building positive and lasting customer
Pinpoints underlying issues and resolves complex problems in manufacturing
equipment, motors and infrastructures. Special skill in wiring and over 10 years working in


Membership is voluntary and free for all interested in making a gift an engagement.  

By contacting us, the way to  membership becomes easy.

Contact Us and make a gift either for Health promotion, Agribusiness and training for jobs.

The beneficiary totally involves in all the phases of your donation.

Donors are free to audit and be part of the implementation.

Your donation goes to your chosen activity.


A healthy community constitutes a better work force for economic development.

We create jobs to people.

We counsel them on the risk of illegal migration.

We give them skills that can make them to be self employed. They can send their children to school and meet their daily basic needs.

We link them to legal ways of migration when necessary 

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